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    Whether you need to grow an audience, generate demand, do more with sales, or elevate the perception of your brand, nothing starts without big ideas and a compelling narrative to nurture new experiences.


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  • Everyone likes a good story. So why not give it to them?

    Ready for something big? How about a recent survey showing that only 44% of marketers are clear on what content marketing success looks like and that only 30% consider themselves to be effective.


    Add to it recent research reflecting that 78% of CMOs believe that content is the future of marketing, and that two-thirds of marketers believe that branded content is preferable to print advertising, direct mail, and PR--there's very little that is left to the imagination.

    Bottom line? Brands that can portray a compelling narrative and know how to execute at the awareness level through the bottom of the funnel will always have an advantage over competitors who skip it. And as current research indicates, that lack of understanding presents unique opportunities and challenges.


    Whether you're looking for an experienced Copywriter who can help you develop a big idea for a new product launch, a demand generation campaign to message within the buyer journey, to a Creative Director who can flesh-out a creative strategy or messaging brief to help rally C-suite, UX, design and product teams, to a Digital Strategist who can develop and maintain nurture marketing campaigns to help turn your prospects into customers--my expertise covers a range of interests that center on unifying expectations, and instilling a broad sense of momentum when there's a ton of work ahead, and no time for a do-over.





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    Concept development

    Company/Product naming

    Mission statements


    Creative strategy

    Go-to market strategy

    Content strategy


    Copywriting services

    SEO/SEM messaging

    Email marketing services

    In-app messaging

    SMS messaging
    Demand generation campaigns

    Landing page optimization

    Content marketing


    Social content

    Experiential marketing content

    Webinar content

    Event marketing content



    Script writing

    POS content

    Technical content

    Help content

    Ghost writing

    Article writing

    Press releases



    Financial Services



    Life Sciences




    Business-to-Business Marketing

    Consumer Marketing



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  • Experience + Learn = Grow

    I began as a music journalist more than 15 years ago. Within just a few years, I moved to advertising, cutting my teeth as a freelance copywriter for retail clients, going door-to-door throughout the city to pick-up as much experience as I could. Two years later, I moved from small to large projects, doing print campaigns for Buick, Oldsmobile, and GMC Truck, to digital campaigns for Microsoft, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Universal Pictures, 3Com, and others. Eventually, the list of projects grew to more than two dozen Fortune 500 brands, growing my skills from that of a conceptual writer, to Creative Director, to Digital Marketing Strategist.


    Today, my beat is to navigate and implement big ideas and strategic decisions in the face of ambiguity, while creating and managing on the execution side for brand messaging and performance marketing. I'm mostly involved in brand messaging, new product launches, and demand generation for start-ups, digital agencies, and Fortune 500 brands. About a 60/40 mix between B2B and consumer.


    Personality-wise, I have a "test-and-learn" mentality. I'm one part curiosity, and the rest is pure diligence and tenacity. Great ideas don't happen without a broad sense of questioning, and a dedication to doing great work.


    Current interests? Decentralization. Challenger brands. Narrative as a catalyst for better UX. Growth hacking and demand generation. Just about anything connected to creating new experiences, social media, mobile commerce, fintech and digital currencies. Plus anything in the cloud, gamification, health tech, edtech, impact investing and emerging markets.


    What I'm looking for? A solid team with big goals in challenging the status quo, or an industry leader that is seeking to mitigate disruption coming from a challenger or new technology. Could be in a funded start-up, or in a business unit that needs a go-to strategist/writer to handle all things marketing and creative across digital and mobile to improve brand influence and drive demand.


    Location? I work with clients throughout the U.S., and locally throughout Silicon Valley for startups, digital agencies, and companies in and around Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, San Jose, Redwood City, San Mateo and San Francisco.


    Questions? Send me a message or schedule a short consultation via phone or Skype.





    "Brevity is the soul of wit."

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